UNEARTHED : Tomb Raider in Space

GUYS !! I found a magic recipe to enjoy YA nowadays : lowering my expectations! That’s why when I started seeing the hype around this book, I wouldn’t dare having too much expectation nor reading what’s it about. I just take where the book leads me. It worked!


Now now you must say: THAT’S A PRETTY HIGH RATING FOR TRANGS REVIEWS (TRANG, ARE YOU OKAY♪ARE YOU OKAY TRANG♪). You should consider a few things here: my expectations lowered and my underdying love for any stories like Indiana Jones or The Mummy.  If I had not those interests in mind, I’d probably give it  a 3.5. 


It takes a really brave soul to mix a treasure hunting plot to a science fiction, on another planet style. It also takes crazy amount of hard science and archeology knowledge to be able to make this journey believable. Kamie Auffman and Meagan Spooner did it. So you should be prepared for long descriptions and science notions here and there. Although, I don’t agree with all of it,  I always admire the research the authors have to do for this kind of story.



This is a character driven novel. They deserve all the stars in the rating. 

I LOVED AMELIA. She’s the kind of character I’d love to hangout with. No bullshit, straightforward, smart and pretty funny. With so many female protagonists in the YA batch nowadays, it’s hard to find one that doesn’t annoy you. When you find one, you keep it close, like a precious jewel in your memory  hahah #MYPRECIOUS! 

Jules is the other POV and main protagonist, he’s a scholar, funny and pretty quick on his feet too. When the two of them, interact with each other, it’s priceless!

I have to admit that I was not a fan of the instaromance, hence not a perfect rating.



For fans of : A light SciFi book, The Mummy, Tomb Raider 

Not recommend if you want : a big world building. The story evolves mostly around our characters and they have to surpass some obstacles in a temple. You won’t get details from the planet YET (maybe in the sequel WINK WINK). 

UPDATE: I have not been on the blog at all this week, my apologies ! I will try to make it up on February and interact more with you guys! ❤ If you find it’s been a long time I haven’t been on your blog (because I have hundreds of blogs on my feed it’s very NOT personal) and you want me to visit your blog, just tell me and I’ll be happy to check it out 😀 See you soon! 

Thank you to HACHETTE CANADA for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!


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33 responses to “UNEARTHED : Tomb Raider in Space”

  1. I started skimming right after the:
    “I found a magic recipe to enjoy YA nowadays : lowering my expectations!”

    Glad you liked it though. I’m mentally adjusting to your score to 3.8 though. Because I can do that 😉

    And don’t worry about not being around. Real Life should ALWAYS take precedence over online life. It’s when you start ordering your real life around online that you need to worry. Hope you survive the next couple of week.


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    • Thank you so much ! I got so stressed out with everything that happened in my life that I just needed to take a break. I hope you’re feeling better too I remember you mentioning burning out 😦 Take all the time in the world to rest 🤗


    hahaha, seriously, I’m so happy you found the recipe to enjoying your YA books again! It’s a community filled with hype everywhere and lowering our expectations always help, that’s for sure. I’m glad it worked for you 🙂
    That book sounds really good, and I am so glad you said it’s character-driven, you know that’s my favorite kind of book 🙂

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  3. Please check out my blog!!!! Your thoughts on my post are greatly misseed!!!! Thanks!! ❤ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Great review by the way. Keep on lowering them expectations and I think you'll have a great time with the YAs you read!!! 😛

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  4. I have to admit that ye be the first blogger in me crew to like this book. That intrigues me. Maybe I will put it back on the list. And it’s cool if ye don’t have time right now to read me blog. I just hope when the day comes when ye get a chance to read it again (cause who doesn’t want to read me pirate adventures) ye will read me backlog. I like seeing yer face in me comment and like feeds. Ye make me smile cause ye be awesome. (No pressure really. I am not into forced commentary)
    x The Captain

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  5. Wow, I don’t know when was the last time I saw such a high rating in your blog!! Definitely expected you to have some sort of fever 🤣🤣
    In all seriousness, great review, Trang! I’m not a big fan of Indiana Jones but I LOVE The Mummy and Tomb Raider, so I’m expecting to like this one. Except I’m keeping my expectations super low, as per instructed 😛
    I’m not familiar with the authors’ work, although I’ve heard a lot about it, of course. But I’m glad they didn’t disappoint. Looking forward to trying this one out!

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  6. Great review and I think I would agree with the approach to YA- lowered expectations… I bet if I hadn’t had such anticipation due to hype for The Cruel Prince, I may have liked it a bit more.. but then again, maybe not 😛 😀
    This review reminded me that there’s a Tomb Raider movie coming out this year as well?

    As for real life- ain’t nothing t do about the busyness of RL… sometimes the list of prioritized need to be further prioritized 😀 hahaha .. Hope you’re well! 😉

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  7. I’m a little torn about this book now; I am a fan of sci-fi, The Mummy (actually one of my all-time favourite films) and Tomb Raider, but I’m also a fan of big world building. 🙂 Great review Trang, and I am glad you enjoyed this book even if you had to lower your expectations somewhat before reading it! 😀 ❤


  8. That first line xD I could honestly not just stop reading after that first line, although I was going to quit the phone for tonight xD also? I wonder if I’m the only one who sang that are you okay line to Michael Jackson in my head?? 😀

    I haven’t heard of this one though 🙂 what have you been busy with lately, that you haven’t been at the blog? (It’s true! I have noticed your absence xD)


  9. Never feel bad about not being online ❤ I think we can all relate. I know I certainly can. I have to randomly unplug constantly. So while I miss you, I never think less for it 😉

    This review was fun! I think sometimes our most rewarding experiences can happen when we just throw all expectations out the door and take something simply on entertainment value alone with over critiquing or dissecting it all. Sometimes I need an easy, good read 🙂


  10. I’m glad you loved this book, Trang! I’ve read it but I didn’t enjoy it as much as you did. I didn’t like the slow pace of the book, the lengthy inner monologues and also the insta-romance but I really loved the concept so I’m going to give it another chance. Great review, btw! 🙂


  11. hehe I definitely agree about lowering your expectations 😉 Ahh I *loved* the mummy and indiana jones- so I understand! The setting sounds so cool The characters do sound amazing, even if there was instalove. Definitely want to check this out! Awesome review!!


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