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GUYYSS! I have been waiting years for this book to be written and it’s finally here, I’m so excited! To start, I must warn you that this is the sequel to Vicious, so if you haven’t read that one yet, prepare yourself to be spoiled.. a bit.

It feels good to find myself with the familiar writing style of VE Schwab (probably one of my favourite authors out there) and book is divided into different perspectives of the characters. And as we reach the end of the book, we get to connect the dots between the characters and how they are all entertwined.

But the real question is, did I enjoy it as much as the first one? Unfortunately, no. Vicious will always be one of my top books of all times, although Vengeful has delivered a solid continuum of the story it wasn’t as exciting and thrilling. I did like the introduction of the new character of Marcella, the mafia boos wife turns into a boss woman herself 😉 Probably one of my favourite scenes is to witness her destroy all the men that ever tried to intimidate her. Victor has been of the Meh elements for me, he was such a strong and intelligent persona in the first book that seeing him struggling and making decisions in a haste seemed too out of character. Eli however has given the opportunity to rise in a fresh manner and at one point I would totally root for him.

The strenght of this novel is in the last chapters, I have no idea what’s going on! The author has left us an ending that has so many questions to be answered, and I guess that builds the suspense for the third book? 😉

RATING : 4/5

How about you guys? Did you read Vicious and this sequel ? How did you find the series?

Big thank you to Tor for this signed copy!



4 responses to “Vengeful by ve.schwab (Villains #2)”

  1. Bizarre Brunette Avatar

    Everyone is raving about VE Schwab! I haven’t read their books, but it sounds like I’m missing out.


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  3. ljshouse2015 Avatar

    I just finished listening to the Audible version of this a couple of weeks ago. I was also confused by the end. I kind of liked Marcella and was a little sorry to see her go, at least before she unveiled her big proposal. I wonder if it was something at least a little constructive, or if it was just an excuse to kill off more people.

    I also liked June. I’m kind of sorry she and Sydney didn’t get together. If Victor’s little ‘family’ is breaking up, she will need somebody. It does look like there will have to be another book, though; otherwise we will all be in danger from wild EO’s running around forever!


  4. LaRonda @FlyingPaperbacks Avatar

    I’ve been so scared to pick up this sequel…. I have to one of these days XD


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