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Daughter of Sparta : Book Review

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Seventeen-year-old Daphne has spent her entire life honing her body and mind into that of a warrior, hoping to be accepted by the unyielding people of ancient Sparta. But an unexpected encounter with the goddess Artemis—who holds Daphne’s brother’s fate in her hands—upends the life she’s worked so hard to build. 

I have been so happy lately that we got more Greek retellings this year! Daughter of Sparta is honestly a very entertaining book, Daphne is a likeable protagonist and the enemies to lovers plot might excite a few too. Pace-wise, it’s action packed and I think anyone wanting to learn more about Greek Mythology would be thrilled. Great worldbuilding , no doubt. I love the interactions between the characters and even between Gods and mortals. And this is where I find a bit.. disappointing. The plot elements are great but it the characters lack dimensions. They could have had some wonderful potentials, there’s some humour here and there and even Artemis, has an attitude but a funny one. I feel like the book could have benefited to be more character-centric.

However, overall, I quite enjoyed the woman empowerment message of this book. When you’ve been growing up reading Greek mythology and the women’s place in those stories is sometimes.. not generous to say the least.

Have any of you read the book? What did you think?

Thank you to Hachette Canada for the copy of this book for review


3 responses to “Daughter of Sparta : Book Review”

  1. Georgia @ Lost in Neverland Avatar

    This sounds interesting, I tend to like books soth stronger character but this one does intrigue me regardless. Great review!

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    1. Trang Avatar

      Thank you Georgia! And yes do give it a try!

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  2. wonderfilledreads Avatar

    I’m a sucker for anything about ancient Greece so I’ll definitely be giving this one a shot! Great review!


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