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I have postponed this review for so long for one reason: I cannot deal with the fact that this series is ending. Suffering from the syndrome of denial haha. For those of you who are here from the beginning, I have a big love for Senlin Ascends and I still believe no books have quite made an impact on my life as much as the Books of Babel series by Josiah Bancroft.

The genius of Bancroft also resides in his ability to not have any plot holes, every character that he introduced, he actually remembered them. We started the book with the POV of Adam, who I completely forgot about because I haven’t head of him since book 2 and thank god that the author didn’t forget about him but also remind us what Adam has been up to. We also got the chance to reconnect with Senlin and witnessing his upbringing from the start to the end was such an honor. He’s probably one my favourite protagonist in all of the novels I’ve read: clumsy, intelligent, very oblivious sometimes, but still deeply loves and cares about people around him.

(c) Trang Tran

Reunions, adventures and new characters made this fourth book a most satisfying conclusion. Since I was a kid, I was obsessed with the idea of The Tower of Babylon, and he managed to create the most intricate story around the Tower. Every floor of the Tower is a new adventure, a new ringdom with their own laws and rules, where corruption is also present. I highly recommend this book and series for any book lover out there.

(c) Trang Tran

I want to thank the publisher for sending me a copy of this book to review.

(c) Trang Tran

2 responses to “The Fall of Babel : Books of Babel #4 Review”

  1. Susy's Cozy World Avatar

    It is so hard to talk about books that have such an impact on us! But it is also beautiful when we can find them!!
    Sadly I am not a fan of this series, I read the first book and even if I think that thr author did a great job with the tower (it is an amazing place for sure!) but the book as a whole is too kafkian for my tastes. But I am glad that it really worked out for you!

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    1. Trang Avatar

      Awn what a shame you didn’t like it! But I totally get the kafka-esque vibe haha no worries. Yes, this series was really special to me and it’s so sad to see it concoude 🤣😩

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