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MEN (2022) by A24 : Movie Review

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A24 have become a genre in itself. Probably THE production company that are known for disturbing movies but also offer movies that are very indie and surreal. But recently, more and more releases have been on the verge of becoming almost.. Hollywood? I don’t know how to explain the feeling but that is just my personal comment it’s not a critic of anything. ANYWAYS, so I always liked horror movies by A24 company and with a title like MEN you kind of know what you are getting into. MEN. SO SCARY. And with obvious reasons. Okay, Let’s jump right in!


The acting was out of this world. The main character Harper played by Jessie Buckley has had lived a traumatizing past with her ex-husband’s death. Wanting to change scenery, she decides to go on a little retreat to the countryside. And there, starts our heroine’s horror journey. Jessie Buckley showed so many range of emotions in this movie that I sincerely think she is going to become one of the greatest actresses of all times. Rory Kinnear playing several characters in this movie just showed how much of a performance it is.

The second thing I like about this movie is the rich themes. It’s a very original way of tackling the issue of toxic masculinity. From sexual repression from the Vicar, the abusive and manipulating behavior of her ex-husband, to be seen as a plaything by a little boy. A bold version of all the horrors of MEN in a visceral thrill.


The ending kind of ruined the movie for me. Spoilers ahead. This is now a good moment to leave this post if you want to. There’s a birthing sequence scene with body horror where you clearly see the Green Man giving birth to another man and that man giving birth to another and so on. There’s also a clear close-up on the vagina and then feet coming out of the mouth. I feel like that sequence was just weird for the sake of being weird. It didn’t add anything to the theme of the movie. The sequence could’ve stopped at two and we would understand that the message men are raising by other men and the cycle continues. But after 4 times, my brain just went okay we get it. Move on. To waste such a beautiful cinematography from beginning, focusing on nature and little things to this very letdown ending was a disappointment.

RATING: 6.7/10

What do you think of the movie? Did you watch it?

Trang T.


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  2. sentimentalsapph1c Avatar

    Hi! Thanks for your review. I thought the birthing scene was very profound. It related to the overall message of toxic masculinity as you say. It shows that although cis men may not be able to birth – they reproduce and reinforce structures of patriarchy that is oppressive. One man after the other is emitted, all who have said/done things that reinforce misogyny. This constant birthing figure also kept following the main character around, forcing her to hold witness which is another un-consensual tactic men enforce upon non-men; “look at me” “look at what you’ve done.” This narrative depicts how men while under the guise of patriarchy will continuously reproduce realities that are harmful to non-men.


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