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I had the chance to attend Toronto International Film Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival. Between the 2, my preference is for the TIFF since all the actors and directors and team of the movie was present. It was much lovely and lively!

1. Butcher’s Crossing

Buffalo hunters featuring Nicolas Cage, convincing a naive and young beginner to go on a dangerous quest with him. The cinematography is stunning but the movie missed on keeping it interesting. What we witness roughly is a descent onto frustration and despair with not a single character development.

Rating : 6/10

2. Decision to Leave

From the same director as Oldboy and Handmaiden, Decision to Leave is a detective movie entangled with romance. Not quite as good as his other movies, I found this one overly complicated just for the sake of being artsy. What I mean is there are so many elements in this movie that were so confusing. It’s also extremely long. There are times I thought the movie would end and there’s a whole hour left. The second part of the movie starts and I was baffled how that second part did not really contribute to anything.

Rating : 6.5/ 10

3. My Policeman

The famous movie starring Harry Styles! I was totally impressed with his acting. It wasn’t an easy role and he nailed it. But the main shining star is probably is David Dawson as Patrick. Profound, methodic every single movement he does as the character made sense. It’s such a touching love story overall that I cried in the end. Adding to that, the ensemble cast was also amazing.

Rating : 8/10

4. Glass Onion : A Knives Out Mystery

Click here for my complete review.

5. The Son

Might not be as good as The Father, The Son nevertheless still stands as a moving story dealing with mental health and severe depression at a young age. Father-Son relationship is explored and although Hugh Jackman did a good job, he doesn’t quite deliver his whole potential. I applaud this movie however to tackle on an important theme. It took us long enough to have a long feature dealing with these themes.

Rating : 8/10

6. Triangle of Sadness

The Palme D’Or of Cannes 2022! A very funny movie, criticizing the upper class and the ridiculousness of social media influencers (kind of felt exposed here not going to lie haha). Then, the whole movie just turns into a complete shitshow (litterally). It’s very osé, it has some really good scenes but overall the movie was average. I get the message but The last part of the film was not necessary in my opinion. The difference of sec and power dynamics was so obvious during the first parts as if it wasn’t clear, the movie moves into a whole other part drawing us like explaining to a kid : this is sexism guys. But then, I always had something against shipwrecked and islands set up. You’ll see what I mean.

The genius about this movie however, is when Ruben Stlund knew he was going to project this movie in front of the most elite audience: The Cannes audience. And so one can assume that after giving him the Palme D’or, they are probably just going back to their yatch and continue their luxurious life.

Rating : 7/10

7. A Long Break

Everyone should go and watch this movie! It’s a Georgian movie, directional debut by Davit Pirtskhalava and yet it’s my favourite time of all the movies I watched at both festivals. It’s about a high school reunion that remembers the dark days and some classmates don’t forget and can’t forget. This is the movie Everyone Must See simply because it will teach you so much about forgiveness, human nature and friendship. It is slow paced but it has one of the most well-done built in tension and suspense I’ve ever seen.

(c) TIFF

Rating : 10/10

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