Are You Sara? by S.C.Lali (2022) Book Review

Two women named Sara each get into a rideshare. . . but only one makes it home alive. Which Sara was the real target?

Thus begins the mysterious journey of Sara, nicknamed for Saraswati a law student who struggles to pay her bills let alone dealing with a murder on the loose. What started as a thriller with a good intrigue, ends up messy and quite unnecessary. I had a few problems with the book, but before getting into that, I have to admit that for a first thriller book of the author, she did succeed on creating the suspenseful atmosphere. It wasn’t hard for me to finish this book in one sitting. So entertainment wise, it’s succeeded.

Where it lacks is in the characters and especially in the editing, why was Jason storyline necessary? And also, what is the real morale of the story?

Characters side, Saraswati nicknamed Sara, was extremely annoying to read. One main reason is because personally I cannot stand arrogant people, so reading about the protagonist behaving like that just makes me roll my eyes every 20 minutes. Then, the Jason storyline is completely nonsense. In thrillers, sometimes the author throws in a couple of random characters to disarm the reader. But Jason, anyone with a single brain cell could see that he’s the most random character that ever pops up. It did not add to the intrigue, it just wastes time.

Last, what is indeed the morale of the story? Because since the beginning, we learn about Sara, maybe even feel sympathy for her and yet the ending just confirms that she’s ready to go all of her villain side out, tricks people to becomes rich, so.. basically sells her soul of the devil. All the while, she somehow solved a case, incites the firing of a detective on the case..? I don’t know what kind of message this is for our society.


Thank you to HarperCollins Canada for giving me a copy for review.


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