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  • ITHACA by Claire North (2022) : Book Review

    ITHACA by Claire North (2022) : Book Review

    A very promising start to this series of Penelope Songs, the book starts with the perspective of Hera, the queen of the gods. The reviews are quite mixed about this character’s choice of a narrator but I personnally loved it. I feel like we don’t talk about Hera or hear about her enough. And even […]


  • August Kitko and the Mechas of Space

    August Kitko and the Mechas of Space

    Jazz pianist Gus Kitko expected to spend his final moments on Earth playing piano at the greatest goodbye party of all time, and maybe kissing rockstar Ardent Violet, before the last of humanity is wiped out forever by the Vanguards–ultra-powerful robots from the dark heart of space, hell-bent on destroying humanity for reasons none can divine.  […]

  • Katzenjammer by Francesca Zappia : YA Book Review

    Katzenjammer by Francesca Zappia : YA Book Review

    Goodreads summary: Cat lives in her high school. She never leaves, and for a long time her school has provided her with everything she needs. But now things are changing… Cat doesn’t remember why she is trapped in her school or why half of them—Cat included—are slowly transforming. Escaping has always been the one impossibility […]

  • Forever and A Day : A James Bond novel

    Forever and A Day : A James Bond novel

    Anthony Horowitz is back but this time, with a very special novel, a James Bond novel. I’ve always loved Alex Rider series by him and I was really curious how he would take over the lead for this signature character. First, I think it was a brilliant move to set the story as a prequel […]

  • You’ll Thank Me For THis : Book Review

    A pulse-pounding psychologicalthriller based on the popular Dutch tradition of blindfolding and dropping teens and pre-teens in the middle of a forest — and what happens when it goes horribly wrong. – Goodreads Easily one of my favourite suspense of the year. I usually go for the heavy and dark suspense but this one is […]

  • If We Were Villains by M.L Rio

    “For someone who loved words as much as I did, it was amazing how often they failed me.”― M.L. Rio If you spend some time on Instagram lurking around the #bookstagram community, you would probably see this book pop into view a few times. One thing caught my attention right away was the title. I’ve always […]

  • Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

    Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. – Viktor E. FRANKL As I mentioned at the beginning of the year, I wanted my 2021 to be a year about self-care and me-time. […]

  • homebody by rupi kaur

    homebody by rupi kaur

    I might receive a lot of backlash for saying this out loud but in my opinion, this book is the weakest poem book yet written by rupi kaur. I have absolutely adored milk and honey and the sun and her flowers so it’s very difficult for me to write this review. Let’s talk about the […]

  • Vengeful by ve.schwab (Villains #2)

    GUYYSS! I have been waiting years for this book to be written and it’s finally here, I’m so excited! To start, I must warn you that this is the sequel to Vicious, so if you haven’t read that one yet, prepare yourself to be spoiled.. a bit. It feels good to find myself with the […]

  • The Song of Achilles : book review

    The Song of Achilles : book review

    I fell in love with Circe by Madeline Miller and I had to read the book that made her debut, The Song of Achilles. Picture Greece in the age of heroes, the narrator is Patroclus son of Menoetius, that makes him a prince but a quite awkward prince in his manner. After a terrible incident, […]