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  • The Fall of Babel : Books of Babel #4 Review

    The Fall of Babel : Books of Babel #4 Review

    I have postponed this review for so long for one reason: I cannot deal with the fact that this series is ending. Suffering from the syndrome of denial haha. For those of you who are here from the beginning, I have a big love for Senlin Ascends and I still believe no books have quite […]

  • The Starless Sea : BOOK REVIEW

    Eight years after The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern returns with a brand new novel involving a Starless Sea, an Owl King, Magical Doors and whole lots of books. The author’s writing style still remains one of my favourites. She is so comfortable describing fantasy elements that it’s almost annoying how good she is at it. […]

  • Daughter of Sparta : Book Review

    Daughter of Sparta : Book Review

    Seventeen-year-old Daphne has spent her entire life honing her body and mind into that of a warrior, hoping to be accepted by the unyielding people of ancient Sparta. But an unexpected encounter with the goddess Artemis—who holds Daphne’s brother’s fate in her hands—upends the life she’s worked so hard to build.  I have been so […]

  • Black Leopard Red Wolf : Book Review

    “Bi oju ri enu a pamo. Not everything the eye sees should be spoken by the mouth.” Oof I finished this book and oh my do I have things to say. To start off, I really struggled to get into this book for several reasons. But the most dominant one was the non-linear storyline. The […]

  • The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox

    “I want today to give up being so smugly sure about what tomorrow won’t need.” – Elizabeth Knox, The Absolute Book Is it weird that I’m still working the plot out after finishing the book? Elizabeth Knox’s newest novel is a full-on surprising ride to say the least. A story that cannot be told by […]

  • Jerusalem by alan moore

    Hi all, Trang’s here! (: I decided to start this book on December 31, 2020 hoping to be done with it on New Year, what a mistake. I only finished it yesterday, with more than 30 hours put into reading this book of 1266 pages. For the first time in a really long time I […]

  • Piranesi by susanna clarke

    Piranesi by susanna clarke

    Trang’s here with a book review! A long awaited book by Susanna Clarke, after her triumphant novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell, people have been waiting patiently for her new novel to come out and in due time, she delivered her work brilliantly. It’s officially becoming one of my favourite books of 2020. Contrasting the […]

  • Vengeful by ve.schwab (Villains #2)

    GUYYSS! I have been waiting years for this book to be written and it’s finally here, I’m so excited! To start, I must warn you that this is the sequel to Vicious, so if you haven’t read that one yet, prepare yourself to be spoiled.. a bit. It feels good to find myself with the […]

  • The Song of Achilles : book review

    The Song of Achilles : book review

    I fell in love with Circe by Madeline Miller and I had to read the book that made her debut, The Song of Achilles. Picture Greece in the age of heroes, the narrator is Patroclus son of Menoetius, that makes him a prince but a quite awkward prince in his manner. After a terrible incident, […]

  • Ten Thousands Doors of January : Book review

    Ten Thousands Doors of January : Book review

    Reading this book is my first attempt at trying a Nebula Award book this year and since it got so many good reviews in the blogosphere, it also encourages me to finally pick it up and even suggested it to my friends for our book club of September. To give you an idea of the […]