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  • August Kitko and the Mechas of Space

    August Kitko and the Mechas of Space

    Jazz pianist Gus Kitko expected to spend his final moments on Earth playing piano at the greatest goodbye party of all time, and maybe kissing rockstar Ardent Violet, before the last of humanity is wiped out forever by the Vanguards–ultra-powerful robots from the dark heart of space, hell-bent on destroying humanity for reasons none can divine.  […]


  • Katzenjammer by Francesca Zappia : YA Book Review

    Katzenjammer by Francesca Zappia : YA Book Review

    Goodreads summary: Cat lives in her high school. She never leaves, and for a long time her school has provided her with everything she needs. But now things are changing… Cat doesn’t remember why she is trapped in her school or why half of them—Cat included—are slowly transforming. Escaping has always been the one impossibility […]

  • Theatrical Released Movies in May-June : Mini Reviews

    Theatrical Released Movies in May-June : Mini Reviews

    For MEN and Dr Strange movie reviews click here and here.

  • Cafe con Lychee : YA Romance Book Review

    Cafe con Lychee : YA Romance Book Review

    I think it’s been a really long time I haven’t read a romance as refreshing as this one. It has the enemies to lovers trope, LGBT+ and a lot of bobas and food. The Asian girl in me is just screaming. I honestly thought I would not like this book because it’s been a few […]

  • The Maidens by Alex Michaelides

    The Maidens by Alex Michaelides

    Mariana, who was once herself a student at the university, quickly suspects that behind the idyllic beauty of the spires and turrets, and beneath the ancient traditions, lies something sinister. And she becomes convinced that, despite his alibi, Edward Fosca is guilty of the murder. But why would the professor target one of his students? […]


    Books about WWII have become a recurrent themes in my reading list and The Nightingale is probably one of the weakest I’ve read so far. Unfortunately the plot and storyline resemblance to La Bicyclette Bleue and Gone With The Wind (and I’m not a fan of any of those two books) threw me off a […]

  • LORE By Alexandra Bracken

    Every seven years, the Agon begins. As punishment for a past rebellion, nine Greek gods are forced to walk the earth as mortals, hunted by the descendants of ancient bloodlines, all eager to kill a god and seize their divine power and immortality. Long ago, Lore Perseous fled that brutal world in the wake of […]

  • How To Be Both by Ali Smith

    I would like to give a special shoutout to my beautiful friend Katie for recommending me this book ❤❤! It’s my first read from Ali Smith and How To Be Both has managed to put me in such an admiration state. A total adoration for the author and her creativity and her brilliance. Just when […]

  • Piranesi by susanna clarke

    Piranesi by susanna clarke

    Trang’s here with a book review! A long awaited book by Susanna Clarke, after her triumphant novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell, people have been waiting patiently for her new novel to come out and in due time, she delivered her work brilliantly. It’s officially becoming one of my favourite books of 2020. Contrasting the […]

  • 2020 in blogging : lessons

    2020 in blogging : lessons

    At the end of every year, I have a tradition of doing an introspection about the year that went through and just list a few lessons and achievements. Let’s start straight away with some lessons: Enjoy while you can because you will never know what you’ll miss. The reality of COVID has forced a lot […]