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  • The Bronze Drum (2022) by Phong Nguyen

    The Bronze Drum (2022) by Phong Nguyen

    This book is so important to me because as a Vietnamese girl who immigrated to Canada, I was missing the connection with my Vietnam history. And the book delivered everything I was hoping for: a bridge between me and my ancestors. It’s about the story of the Trung Sisters, how they become such a historical […]


  • ITHACA by Claire North (2022) : Book Review

    ITHACA by Claire North (2022) : Book Review

    A very promising start to this series of Penelope Songs, the book starts with the perspective of Hera, the queen of the gods. The reviews are quite mixed about this character’s choice of a narrator but I personnally loved it. I feel like we don’t talk about Hera or hear about her enough. And even […]

  • EVERSION by Alastair Reynolds: Book Review

    EVERSION by Alastair Reynolds: Book Review

    Guest reviewer today, is my lovely bookworm fiancé, William who is a big sci-fi lover The speculative fiction genre debuted with, amongst other narrative structures, the Voyage[^1]. One tends to forget when reading many thought-provoking, high concept stories that they were rooted in the thrill, wonder and awesomeness of the new, the challenging, the incomprehensible. […]

  • Somewhere: Stories of Migration by Women From Around the World

    This book is an inspiring collection that takes you to different paths, different lives of women who had struggled through immigration, wars, political conflicts, corruption, and many more. It’s the stories about people who have left their home behind, to trying to truly integrate into foreign societies, with different structures and norms. During these retellings, […]

  • Authors I would Sell My Soul For A New Novel

    Authors I would Sell My Soul For A New Novel

    1.Donna Tart I’d sell my soul for the same quality of Secret History T_T I’ve been postponing to review this book for so long because I don’t seem to be fitting enough nor write a review beautiful enough for it. 2. Agota Kristof When I learned the death of Agota Kristof back in 2011, I […]

  • Books for Non Readers

    Over the years, especially since I became a book blogger, the ultimate question people asking me is: What should I read if I don’t like to read? Even if I can’t understand the Non Readers species, I genuinely love answering this question because 1. although the person knows they don’t like to read they made […]

  • How To Get More Reading Done While Traveling

    How To Get More Reading Done While Traveling

    I decided super last minute that I would make my own Europe Tour (I’m from Canada)! I hesitated a lot on taking this trip but then I realized I should live my life to the fullest! I gathered enough money, this is the age where I have the most energy so why not 😀 Hello, […]

  • Top 5 Books of 2018 – So Far

    Top 5 Books of 2018 – So Far

    I’ve read a lot of books these past few months but I haven’t got time to review all of them. What better way than to reunite them in a post?  I now present to you, my 5 top reads  (SO FAR and EXCLUDING the ones I already reviewed) released this year.  I also got back […]



    I think it’s been like forever I haven’t blogged and I felt so empty LOL This post is about one of my favourite novel EVER! Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer was such an unique experience that I’ve been postponing its review because I felt like I would NEVER do this book justice. Here I will try […]

  • The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert| Blog Tour

    The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert| Blog Tour

    I was booked on Blog Tours in January and this book will be the last event for this month ! 😀 It was so much fun and honestly I will gladly do more blog tours like this 🙂 Alice’s grandmother, Althea, is a renowned author who wrote The Tales of Hinterland. For all her life, […]