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  • Veil(Hush #2) : Book Review

    Veil(Hush #2) : Book Review

    Hush #1 was a great experience to me, the magic system Farrow has created is quite original. It’s propably one of the biggest nightmares of any reader, that words have a power and ink has a negative impact. Veil picked up right after Hush left off, where Shae and her friends are on the run […]

  • The Fall of Babel : Books of Babel #4 Review

    The Fall of Babel : Books of Babel #4 Review

    I have postponed this review for so long for one reason: I cannot deal with the fact that this series is ending. Suffering from the syndrome of denial haha. For those of you who are here from the beginning, I have a big love for Senlin Ascends and I still believe no books have quite […]

  • Black Leopard Red Wolf : Book Review

    “Bi oju ri enu a pamo. Not everything the eye sees should be spoken by the mouth.” Oof I finished this book and oh my do I have things to say. To start off, I really struggled to get into this book for several reasons. But the most dominant one was the non-linear storyline. The […]

  • The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox

    “I want today to give up being so smugly sure about what tomorrow won’t need.” – Elizabeth Knox, The Absolute Book Is it weird that I’m still working the plot out after finishing the book? Elizabeth Knox’s newest novel is a full-on surprising ride to say the least. A story that cannot be told by […]

  • The Once and Future Witches by Alix E.Harrow

    The Once and Future Witches by Alix E.Harrow

    Trang’s back with another review! 🙂 The second novel of Alix E. Harrow is what I call… progress compared to her first novel Ten Thousand Doors of January. While her first publication was not a glorious review, the second attempt was way better, more substance in the story and I give it a straight 4.5/5, […]